T Sibiya & Associates is a 100% black owned boutique style law practice. The firm is located in the heart Durban.

The business offers tailor made legal advice, litigation and expertise to various construction firms with links to provincial government, developmental finance institutions and various entrepreneurs. Although this is not the firm’s only focus, the arrangement in the construction firms is unique in that we have become a one-stop shop for a myriad of legal solutions. We have become an “in-house” go to firm for legal solutions ranging from family matters, employment law and commercial and corporate law and general litigation in the High Courts, Regional Courts and Magistrate’s Courts.

Our services are affordable, professional and tailor-made for each client. Our boutique style practice affords us the ability to be fully dedicated and also flexible enough to accommodate all sorts of challenges our clients may be presented with.

We are focused, driven by the desire to succeed and the hunger to know more. What we lack in experience is made up for by our youthful and guided exuberance.

We service all people and juristic persons but our aim is to tap into the millions of the previously neglected people in the emerging markets and the ever expanding lower to middle class sector that contribute to the South African GDP, active in business and the politically marginalized. We have found them to be a fulfilling and interesting source of work with equally fulfilling and rewarding returns.

Our firm’s vision is to be the single most successful 100% black owned and run legal services institution in South Africa with a special focus on areas of expertise. We are driven by ethical values that go into the core of service delivery, professionalism and excellence in everything we do.

Our mission is to uphold and adhere to the highest level of accountability, transparency and professional conduct by members, management and employees when discharging our duties and responsibilities.

Our service is designed to add value to and enhance our clients strategic and governance goals through the provision of quality legal advice and support. Our aim to consolidate our services and package them as one stop shop, with the intention to grow and extend the brand to the rest of KwaZulu- Natal and beyond the borders.